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Merritt Island Physical Therapy (physiotherapy) Helps Pain Patients Heal

At the Spine Center of Brevard in Merritt Island, Florida, our chiropractors are committed to taking spine care into the 21st Century. We focus on the treatment of pain with symptoms directly related to spinal problems, such as headaches, arm, neck, leg and back pain.

In addition to chiropractic treatment, we also use physical therapy/rehabilitative exercises to restore a full range of movement and motion to the body. We have found that by combining physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy or physical medicine modalities, with the chiropractic treatments, healing time is decreased and patients can resume normal activity quicker than when only one form of treatment is used.

Physical Therapy Speeds Pain Relief and Helps Patients Recover Quicker

Physical therapy is a broad term for the use of equipment to help patients recover from physical injuries. As a chiropractor (we are not physical therapist) one of the tools we choose to utilize in our practice is physiotherapy or modalities commonly referred to as physical therapy modalities.  One of the most effective tools to help patients recover is the use of corrective exercises tailored to your individual needs to help build strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. Depending on your injury or pain source, our chiropractors will design a plan targeted to specifically help your body heal. Our office includes a full on-site rehabilitation facility where our rehab team will work with you. getty_brxbxp52967_man-back_1.jpg

Rehabilitative exercises are designed to compliment other non-invasive care you may be receiving from our chiropractor. These exercises strengthen the body, speeding the process of healing while also protecting against future injury. Stretching and strengthening exercises can help patients of all ages recover from injury and achieve optimal health. We recommend therapy for patients recovering from auto accidents and sports injuries, as well as patients suffering from chronic back and neck pain.

Physical medicine modalities are another form of physical therapy. These modalities include muscle stimulation and ultrasound which are used to decrease pain and inflammation and speed the healing process. These modalities may be combined with other treatment options available at Spine Center of Brevard. Our doctors will determine the best combination of treatment for your specific condition and use whatever it takes to relieve your pain the quickest.

One form of physical therapy includes massage therapy and is another effective tool utilized by our team here on Merritt Island. To find out more about massage therapy, view our massage therapy page which gives details and answers question about how massage may be beneficial for you and can be combine with your chiropractic treatments.

If you are struggling to recover from an auto injury, sports injury or seeking to manage chronic pain or headaches, we invite you to visit our Merritt Island chiropractic office and meet with us for an initial consultation. You do not have to rely on medication or invasive surgery to manage pain. Let us show you a better way. Call us at 321-453-2545 to schedule an appointment.


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