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Our Merritt Island chiropractic staff helps people who are suffering from a variety of pain-causing conditions. It is our mission to help patients eliminate pain and get back to their normal lives again! We treat patients with back pain, sciatica, numbness or tingling in the limbs, headache pain, and all types of spinal injuries. Additionally, we frequently help auto injury victims and those suffering from personal injuries to heal and return to full functionality. Some injuries that we treat are chronic, as in the case of recurring headaches, while others are sudden onset injuries, as in the case of a personal injury or an auto injury. Our chiropractor can treat these types of injuries regardless of when they surface or what the cause.

Our chiropractors treat headache, spine problems, back pain, neck pain, and other injuries using chiropractic methods of spinal manipulation and adjustments and other non-invasive treatments. Additionally, our office provides school physicals and we work closely with the junior high and high school athletic programs here in Merritt Island, helping keep young athletes healthy and injury free. Our chiropractors have advanced certifications in the treatment of whiplash injuries, which are a frequent result of auto injuries.

Our Treatment Techniques

The range of treatments used may include cervical or lumbar spinal decompression and massage therapy and all the most up to date non-invasive methods of treatment. Our motto is that we are "Taking Spine Care Into The 21st Century," which means that we will use every cutting edge treatment available to bring patients back to the state of wellness they had before the injury or accident happened.

Our spinal decompression techniques, which are often very costly at other facilities, are affordably priced at our Merritt Island facility, and we strive to keep all of our services accessibly priced so that every patient can get the care they need. Since we work with many auto accident patients, many of our patients are covered under an insurance plan and will have a very low out of pocket cost. We work with the insurance company to bill patients and work out payment arrangements from the start so that we can focus on getting our patients the healing help they need.

Our chiropractor has earned a local reputation as a provider of non-invasive, non-surgical spine solutions. Whether it is back pain, headache, spine issues like sciatica, or some other condition that our Merritt Island patients are dealing with, we are here to assist. We firmly believe that a combination of chiropractic care, massage therapy, and additional non-invasive spinal therapy as needed will allow the patient to get "back to normal life" as soon as possible.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We treat our headache, back pain, neck pain, and all chiropractic patients only as long as needed. While some facilities may tell you that this type of care requires a lifelong commitment, we help restore people to health during the "treat and release" phase. Each patient will come to us long enough to regain health and get their mobility back -- and we pledge to help every one of our patients do so as rapidly as possible.


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