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Merritt Island Massage Therapy - Taking Spine Care into the 21st Century

At Spine Center of Brevard, we strive to get our patients well. We work closely with other medical professionals so that our Merritt Island chiropractic therapies and techniques complement other forms of treatment. Our goal in working with other medical professionals is to heal you of your injury or condition and release you from our care as soon as possible. One of our Merritt Island chiropractors may recommend massage therapy to treat your back pain or spine problem.

Massage Therapy for Back Pain, Headaches and Personal Injury Treatment

Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years and has become a recognized form of noninvasive and holistic treatment and rehabilitation. Many in the medical community recognize the healing benefits of massage and prescribe this type of therapy for patients. The benefits of massage are many fold and include: increased joint mobility, pain relief, stress relief, increased blood circulation, reduced swelling, and relaxation. And most importantly to us, massage helps reduce healing time from an injury and speed the recovery process. bigstockphoto_Beatiful_Girl_Receiving_A_Mass_561626.jpg

Whether you choose a massage or your Merritt Island chiropractor recommends one, know that the powerful healing and relaxation of a professional massage will result in you feeling renewed, rejuvenated and relaxed. It has been proven that stress is a huge impediment to healing. A massage aimed at reducing your stress level can be a huge boost to your body's ability to heal from injury.

There are various types of massage. Each form of massage includes kneading, stroking or otherwise manipulating your muscles to increase blood flow and stimulate the release of endorphins. This blood flow carries much needed oxygen to your body tissues. Increased oxygen helps speed recovery and reduces pain, resulting in a refreshed feeling afterward.

If you are suffering from back pain, headache, personal injuries or just overwhelming stress, then a massage may be just what you need. Noninvasive and pain-free, massages at our clinic in Merritt Island are overseen by our chiropractors to ensure that you are getting the best possible massage therapy for your condition or injury.

Perhaps you are considering massage therapy as a stand alone treatment option or as part of your chiropractic care. Know that at our Merritt Island clinic, we take your health very seriously and strive to give you the very best possible treatment. We are, after all, taking spine care into the 21st century with the most modern techniques and treatments available. Call 321-453-2545 to schedule a massage appointment today and inquire about our special massage packages!!


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