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Merritt Island Auto Accident Injury Rehabilitation and Pain Relief

There are more than 3 million rear end auto accidents every year in the United States and out of those accidents nearly 50% of the injured people will continue to suffer from pain 2 years after auto accident incident. The most common injury in rear end collisions is whiplash. Here at the Spine Center of Brevard in Merritt Island, FL our chiropractors are experienced in treating various types of auto injuries, whiplash, back injuries and a variety of other personal injuries.


Whiplash is a very serious medical condition that can cause severe neck pain, headachelower back pain, shoulder pain, and concussive symptoms. In a rear end collision, the force initially thrusts the neck backwards into extension. This movement is then quickly followed by the head going forward into flexion resulting in the "whip" like motion. The movement occurs so quickly that even slow speeds can result in a whiplash injury. A whiplash injury can also result from a side-impact collision in which the neck is injured from side to side movement.

The damage from a whiplash accident injury can be very severe and may include fractured bones, torn ligaments and muscles, disc herniations, nerve damage and vein damage. Whiplash symptoms including spine problems (neck and back) and headaches may not appear right away. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months for all of the symptoms to manifest. In addition, the severity of whiplash and the effects of the accident are dependent upon the age and physical condition of each individual. For this reason, one person can suffer long lasting pain, headache, and vertigo while another person in the same accident can walk away unscathed. This is also the case in other personal injuries.

Our Merritt Island Chiropractor Treats Whiplash and Auto Injury Patients

The traditional treatment of whiplash accident injuries and other soft tissue personal injuries has been to immobilize or brace the area for an extended period of time. Recent research shows that a more active approach which includes stretching/strengthening exercises, and joint mobilization all significantly speed the recovery time of a whiplash accident injury. All of these treatments and more can be provided by our chiropractors at Spine Center of Brevard in Merritt Island.

Our office has is a full service facility employing three chiropractors and we incorporate a variety of chiropractic treatments, physical modalities, exercises and massage to treat our patients.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Flinn, has advanced training in the treatment of whiplash auto injuries.* Thanks to his additional training he has been able to provided several educational classes to the local Merritt Island high schools discussing how whiplash injuries occur and the proper safety precautions one should take to avoid these and other personal injuries.

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*"The specialty recognition identified herein has been received from a private organization not affiliated with or recognized by the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine".


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