Dr. Kristin Gulliver

Dr. Gulliver

Kristin M. Gulliver, D.C., is a board certified chiropractic physician who has practiced in Central Florida since 2008. She incorporates an array of drug-free therapies and spinal adjustments to address common misalignments of the neuromuscular system that interfere with biomechanics of all ages. She applies a hands on approach to health care with coaching on spinal rehabilitation and nutritional supplementation.   

Dr. Gulliver holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of South Florida (USF).  She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2008.  

While working on her doctorate, she co-founded the Scoliosis Mentorship Program, a support group for young adults diagnosed with scoliosis and encouragement for those undergoing rehabilitative treatment.  

Outside of the office, Dr. Gulliver is actively involved in her local community serving as a PTO board member since 2017 (PTO President 2017-2019).  She has co-founded and assisted in the organization of numerous clubs and events at her local elementary school which lead to her to receive Brevard County School’s ABC volunteer of year award for her services in 2018.  

Dr. Gulliver currently resides in Satellite Beach, Florida with her husband, a local fire-fighter/paramedic, their two children, and their “small farm of critters.”  Together they spend most days outdoors visiting parks, hiking nearby trails, or being out on the water.  They enjoy traveling, cooking, Master building Legos, all things related to dinosaurs, and most importantly, living life’s journey. 


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